Welcome to my world of IncrediMail and Web Ressources

I have tried to include subjects of interest for everybody, in the letters and e-cards, and I try to go more for quality than quantity. That´s why although you maybe won´t find as many letters here as on some sites, be assured that I take my time creating the letters with much care and thought. I try to update about quarterly, but bear with me if it takes a bit longer sometimes !

If you haven´t used IncrediMail before, please visit the main IncrediMail menue for more information. Visit the Rainbow Design blog for news of new letters, and also new designs in our shops! (Many of my t-shirt and greeting card designs end up as letters, so you might find a lot there you know from here!)

I hope you have time to visit the links to the artists that have kindly given me permission to use their art, and while you are at it - maybe have a look at our art sites, too. You´ll find the links on the approbiate pages and also in the “Favourite Links” section.

If you like our art, you might consider visiting our shops - we have prints and posters as well as collectors cards available with many of the paintings.

I hope you have a lot of fun browsing - and if you like my stuff, please tell your friends!

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